elisa sighicelli (Art)

una donna che conosco e stimo da anni…ho scelto questo testo per descrivere il suo lavoro, davvero intenso ed intimo.

elisa sighicelli

Mars presents an installation of photographies of drapery by Elisa Sighicellihanged on the wall with black tape that then continue on the ceilings and on the floor. The set up creates the illusion of the textiles being kept up by the tape which actually is only keeping the photographs up on the wall.

Elisa Sighicelli works with the materiality of photography, seeking formal solutions to extend the space of representation in real space of the viewer and vice versa, in a game between two and three dimensions.
These works function as a reversal of the trompe-l’oeil traditional: it is not two-dimensional image that creates three-dimensional illusion, but a real object, the tape, which becomes part of the representation itself.
Therefore highlights the tension inherent in the photographic representation: between photography as an object and the image of the photographed object.
Elisa Sighicelli is interested in exploring the relationship between representation and reality, and her work in the photographic medium is constantly in question in its two-dimensionality and presentation.

  • Elisa SighicelliElisa Sighicelli
  • Elisa Sighicelli, Drapery Installation, 2016Elisa Sighicelli, Drapery Installation, 2016


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